Saturday, July 19, 2008

Taking it all in.

Vacation forces me sit still for a time and think about what all I have done and what all I need to do. I know that baseball takes up the majority of our spring but my thoughts on this are... my boys are only "little" for a small part of our lives, and if this what they want to do we will support it 110%! On our way back home we will be stopping in Tennessee to pick up our new tractor so we can head up to the cabin to work there for a few days. There is always something to do. You know me... stay busy so I can stay out of trouble!!!
We are slowly waking up this morning just sitting on the balcony watching the beach come alive. The boys are slowly moving about and we are trying to figure out what we will be doing first. One problem here is the "jellyfish"! They have invaded the beach! The boys brought their skim boards to ride on the beach, but with all the jellyfish being washed up on shore it presents a problem. We think we will rent a couple of sea kayaks and paddle around for awhile. The waves are "flat" so we can not ride them either. Oh well!!!

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