Friday, July 18, 2008

Baseball Season has come to an end!

As the earlier post stated, we played the #1 Seeded team Wednesday around noon. I must say it started off going down a road that WE didn't want it to. As both teams were warming up outside the park one of their players yelled at one of ours a "racial" slur!!!! Yes, that's right... "get the ball "...."!!!! We the coaches went over to discuss this with their coaches and put a stop to it. The coach said that he would look into it and get back with us. He came back and said that one of their players "nick name" was ... "Chigger" and therefore we miss understood! (we all thought it was funny that the coach has never heard that "nick name" before!) Needless to say the game was starting off very badly!

The first two innings started off pretty good, they hit then we hit! They mouthed the whole time but I told our team to just talk back with their bats!!! Chandler hit a two run Homer and just walked from third to home. It was his way of saying "Back at ya!!!" Well the third inning came around and we just fell apart. It was the inning that would never end! Oh well it happens!

After that game we fell into the losers bracket and faced the OK Titans. Again, we came out swinging. We were up 4-1 in the fourth when one of their players hit a 3 run shot to tie the game. You could see the wind taken out of our sails! They scored two more and we couldn't answer back. The final was 6-4. We finished in the top 8. Not bad since we started with 20 teams.

We are now in Pensacola taking it easy and NOT thinking about baseball! (well, I'm trying not to) I have already received two calls looking for Chandler to play on other teams for next year! I think I just want to sit and enjoy my time with the boys while I have them. They are growing up to fast!!!!

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