Friday, November 30, 2007

Posting at last.

Tom has been telling me I need to post something on the blog...well here goes. I don't have much time, I'm trying to clean the house and decorate for Christmas so we can accomplish lists of tasks before we leave for Hawaii. There are either not enough hours in the day or I need a maid, and a butler, and a cook, and a secretary, oh sorry got carried away there. Wait it's Christmas, does anyone know where I can get an elf or two, or maybe an oompa loompa? In all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, the things to do, the gifts to buy, and the food to cook, my goal is to make these times fun and memorable for my family. It's not about traveling here or there to make sure we stop by everyone's celebration or even the perfect gift. It's about Christ and freedom. It's about loving the life we live so we can live the life of love.

I wanted to include a picture so you could see how well Tom's decorated the house. He always does a great job!

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Robert House said...

tom did a awesome job on decretion, you should enter into one of those neighbor hood light contest!!!