Thursday, November 29, 2007

Smoky the Bear says...

I realized today that I did not appreciate "smoke jumpers" as much as I do now. Today we went to the cabin to check on things before our trip next week, and while there we decided to "burn off" some underbrush beside the cabin. Just as Stephanie and I were talking about how it was a good day to burn because of the lack of wind... mother nature began to blow causing the "little" fire to spread rather quickly!!! What started as a little burn project beside the cabin turned into us burning about 2-3 acres! The fire got away from us in a matter of minutes. We finally called 911 for the Volunteer fire dept. to help out. Trust me... we are in the middle of NOWHERE with just dirt roads and two new county road signs to guide them to us. Luckily for us, we had two guys working up the road that got the call and came to our rescue. Thank God for them!! Between the two of them and Stephanie and I, we finally got it under control before the pump truck arrived. I can honestly say I was scarred beyond all you could imagine. At one point the flames were shooting up 2o+ feet into the air. Luckily we all had rubber boots on to help keep the flames from our jeans, however the down side is that me and Stephanie have blisters on the soles of our feet due to the heat. WOW, now I know for sure I do not want to go to hell! Trust me, the pictures do not do it justice. We are just happy that no one was hurt and nothing was lost! Now I am truly ready for relaxing in Hawaii next week!!!

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