Tuesday, August 16, 2011

School Begins

Yesterday was the first day of school for us! One down 177 more to go. I hear all of these parents who are so happy that school has started because they are sick of their kids....which makes me sad in a way. Considering the limited time we really have with our kids we should be happy for that time. And then I think, well if they're sick of them, they trained them....soooo....maybe that's the problem? Oh well....

We have a 6th grader & a sophomore! Chandler actually drove his first day which was extremely weird but was an accomplishment for him! He said he thinks he will like most of his "odd" day teachers. Clay did most of his work without complaints so that was nice. That is one problem with your mom being your teacher, for some reason you feel you have the right to complain about things....we're working on that!

Our days are filled with school, cross country practice, football practice & just life. I try to remind my kids to not be so busy to forget the important things in life....God, family & friends. We should take time each day to cultivate those important relationships especially our relationship with God.

We're praying for a blessed year, & we hope you have a blessed one as well!

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Michelle said...

I'm with you. In fact I text Mike yesterday that I missed the kids! I enjoy summer time because I love having them home with me. Makes you wonder....they trained 'em.... =)