Friday, December 3, 2010

A First for Me!

This week I tried something I've never done before. I canned! My grandmothers did it for years, and I've watched & maybe even participated but I've never personally done it! But this week I canned salsa. My cousin, Marty, sent me a recipe so I thought....why not. I borrowed Mom's pressure cooker & got all of my supplies & set to accomplish! I was very nervous because I had NO clue what I was doing but since I can read....I figured...I certainly could figure it out! I ended up with 7 pints of salsa. It's really good & spicy! Tom requested chunky so I did alter my cousins recipe/steps a little. He said he didn't think it was very he was literally drinking it from the bowl. I will share some with some friends....who are not spice-a-phobes b/c the recipe did call for 1 cup of jalapenos! It's really good but as Marty warned...the heat slips up on you! Delicious! I think I will make a "mild" batch for those who can't handle the heat!! I'm sure I'll try this canning thing again. I suppose I need to keep at it until I'm not nervous anymore!!!

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