Monday, December 20, 2010

Clay's Birthday Party

With Clay's birthday being so close to Christmas, we always try to have the party early so that it doesn't get caught up in everyone's Christmas plans. We planned a skate party. We invited a few close friends & family...those make the best parties & had a great day!

We started the party by decorating our own mini skateboards.
The boys loved this! They were very creative!
I wasn't sure how this would go, but they all really liked getting to create!

Clay's Skateboard cake!
Tom & I created a simple skateboard for the day!
It turned out really cute!
Clay blowing out the candles!

We got this banner for the party & for him to hang in his room!
He was super excited about it!
We took the kids down to the local elementary school to ride skateboards, scooters, & bikes. They played & had a great time!
Clay swinging on the catwalk!

The boys posed for the pic.
Great group of boys!

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