Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Fun!

Spinning & sliding around the tree!
Clay getting drenched!
Love this one with his legs up!
Chandler in the pouring rain!
Just a little muddy!

Thanksgiving Day we spent at my parents eating & visiting. The boys rode 4 wheelers in the rain. They were cold, wet, & extremely muddy but had an awesome time! It can never be said of our family that the weather stops us from having a good time!

After lunch, we all sat at the table & looked through the Black Friday sale papers to see if there were any bargains we couldn't pass up. While we looked, I told the boys about how when we were little we didn't have sale papers like this we just had the JC Penny or Sears & Roebuck catalogue and those stores would send out a special Christmas one full of toys & gifts. I told them about how we would go through the catalogue & circle what we wanted & put our name by the gift so that everyone would know what we wanted. The boys were amazed at the story which seems weird to us because to us it was old hat, but they've never seen such things. That is funny in itself but the conversation we had following was hilarious.

Tom said growing up at our house, you could circle until you got carpel tunnel but you still weren't going to get what you circled. Clay sat there with a strange, thoughtful look on his face and left the room. He went back into my mom's storage room & came back a little while later with a huge cardboard box that he gave to Tom. He said, Dad I can't believe you NEVER got a cardboard tunnel. We all just burst out laughing....I guess to a 10 year old....carpel tunnel does sound like cardboard tunnel & he was going to fulfill that wish! He is absolutely the funniest kid! I so wish I had written down all of the things he's said...maybe one day I'll start writing them down...and name the book, Clayisms!

We had a great day & hope that yours was as fun & eventful!

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