Thursday, November 4, 2010

Storm Ready?

Monday night we had a round of storms pass over the state. The tornado sirens were blaring so we prepared to get ready. Tom got the computer & the external hard drive with all of our photos ready for the safe room. I grabbed my contact stuff, some tennis shoes & some jeans, a baseball cap, my purse & the checkbook, Clay grabbed his football, football jersey, PSP, and his school work, which is hilarious in itself. Chandler grabbed his phone & some special baseball stuff. I found him watching the storm from the this hilarious get-up (it's Clay's nonetheless)....I said are you ready for the storm....He just laughed & said "yep"! I guess at all times you should try to have a sense of humor! I love this kid!

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Grammyof13 said...

This is too funny. I have not thought about what I'd take if the sirens sounded one coming our way. Probably my laptop computer and a pair of shoes (if indeed I didn't have any on) and oh yes a coat.

Clay and school work? Nah!!