Monday, March 1, 2010

Chandler's First Tournament of the Year

Chandler's team played in the Chris Marshall Memorial Tournament this past weekend. This tournament was one honoring a dear friend of ours who recently passed away! It was a great success & Chris would have been proud! Our team came in 2nd place. The boys played really well considering it is so early in the year & we haven't gotten to practice outside very much! This photo is of the team & coaches.
Prior to & after our games the boys have a group prayer. Immediately following the game, they ask the opposing team to meet on the mound for the Lord's Prayer. It's always nice to start & end the games with prayer. We are proud of the boys for making God important in their lives.
Our friend, Elizabeth, has been a fixture at our games for years. She loves to aggravate our boys. This time, she got the best of them though, especially Evan! Everyone laughed so hard at her kissing him on the cheek! Hilarious!

Elizabeth posing with the team!
Elizabeth asked the team to pray for her & her upcoming heart surgery. One of the coaches asked if he could pray & Elizabeth said, "no, the players had to!" So Evan prayed a really sweet prayer for Liz!
I am so very proud of our team. They played very well together. Had great comradery. Never gave up, even when they were losing. Continued to play hard. And most importantly I'm proud that they embrace others and show what gentlemen they are becoming! I feel this year will be successful, whether we win or lose, our boys are growing into kind, compassionate men!

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