Sunday, November 15, 2009

Horses at the Cabin

We arrived to the cabin on Tuesday night to find a white horse grazing in our field. He took off running across the property because he was spooked but when he returned, he brought a friend. They continued to return & graze on the freshly mowed grass and the corn we put out for the deer. Clay said is "Jesus on it with the sword in His mouth ready to slay the wicked so the birds can come eat their flesh?" He's such a hoot. Funny he can remember all of those action scenes! At least he listens when we read it. We did find out that the horses do belong to people, although they don't seem to care that they wonder about the area. I suppose not, they're eating someone elses' grass & corn & pooping in someone elses' yard and drinking someone elses' water...oh well...when we get our fence up, they'll either be gone our ours. LOL!

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