Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cabin Work

We purchased insulation to install under the flooring of the cabin. Tom lay out the plastic sheeting to keep moisture from seeping up & then went to work. Fortunately, we purchased exactly enough insulation and even got the "government green" discount to boot! I think we saved 10% whoo hoo!!! It took Tom about an hour to complete the work. We're hoping this will help with warmth in the cabin this winter. We do know we will have to install underpinning to keep the wind out, but this is a start! Tom is great & is not afraid to try anything! He's an adventurer & a pioneer & has no fear for attempting something he hasn't done before. We have accomplished so much with our cabin on the hill that we could not have done without his conquering spirit! Thanks, Tom, for all you've done!

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