Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day--Lemonade Stand

Today Clay & the neighbor boys wanted to set up a lemonade stand. They came to ask if it was ok. After making sure we had lemonade, I said ok. One of the boys set out to find a table; it was kind of small, so Tom got them the card table. Another went to find a sign. He came back with cardboard & spray paint. Another set out for cups, ice, lemonade. I was pretty impressed that they divided the responsibilities to accomplish & complete the task. They all worked very well together.

Business was slow at first, & they did get a little discouraged. But then all of the other neighbors started coming out of their houses to get a drink. They made a whopping $9. Each boy ended up with $2.25 each. Not too bad I must say. I told them that I would have to charge rent & there were operating costs for making 3 pitchers of lemonade. They weren't interested in paying me my share, and I haven't seen a dime yet, so I think I'm pretty much out of luck. One funny thing was that after the first pitcher was gone. I you've sold it already? Clay said, "No, business was slow & it was hot, so we drank it." Gotta love him!

They had a great time & have played all day long. We are very blessed to have great neighbors & kids for Clay to play with.

Hope you've all had a great Labor Day. We've accomplished household things, cooked dinner, watched a movie, started a Lemonade business, mowed & watered the yard, unstopped the kitchen sink & set up a gym in the garage. All in all a very restful day!


Michelle said...

The lemonade was great! The kids loved it! Glad we got to come by and have a drink!!

baseball boys said...

Glad you guys got to stop by too! Thanks!