Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Deck

Tom has wanted to add a deck to the this weekend he did it. Of course if you know Tom...a little deck won't do. We now have a 12 x 24' deck; probably bigger than the cabin! And of course we're not done. We will add another one on the back of the cabin after we get another load of wood.

We are blessed to have a friend who gives us the wood. His company will discontinue or quit manufacturing the wood & he saves it for us. Big time blessing for sure! This deck is a "green" one too. This wood is dimensional plastic lumber made from recycled plastic. It looks just like real wood. Interesting product. Wonder if O would give us some stimulus money because we went green?!?

Dad went up to help out. We couldn't have done it without him there. And Tom even had a little help from the rest of us too.

View of the entire deck!
Here we're 1/2 through with the decking.
Starting the rip off of the old front porch.
Boy that was fun! (dripping with sarcasm)Close up of the old front porch.
What it looks like now.
A view from the front.
The boys are cleaning off the deck.
You can see their muddy clothes hanging on the posts.
They were crawling in the mud & through culverts.
Trips to the cabin aren't complete without having to be hosed down at the backdoor before a shower.
Clay & Josh had a ball.
They explored, communicated via walkie talkie, & got dirty enough for 2 showers a day.
Josh asked when we were going back to the cabin & could he go with us!
Guess he had a good time.

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