Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Atlanta Super NIT

Last Thursday, we set out for Atlanta with Chandler's baseball team to play in the USSSA Atlanta Super NIT. This was a huge tournament with over 300 teams. We had an exciting, eventful trip. Just before reaching Forrest City, Tom, who was in his traveling office working, computer isn't plugged in. So he began looking to see if the inverter was working, plugged into the cigarette lighter, etc. We began smelling something hot, like burning wires. Suddenly, smoke began billowing from the inverter. We had to roll down the windows to get the smoke out of the car. Chandler was wondering why the smoke detector & sprinkler system didn't work. We stopped of in Forrest City to exchange the inverter..all was well.

We traveled on & were almost in Birmingham, AL, when we suddenly blue lights were behind us pulling us over. Now let it be said that if I had been the driver, we would have gotten a ticket because I really do not have the gift of gab like my extremely friendly husband. The trooper told us that the reason we were pulled over was because we were weaving and crossed the white line a couple of times. He wanted to know if we'd been drinking. I burst out laughing & said...nope...we don't drink, smoke or chew...or go with girls who do. He thought that was funny. Then Tom begins talking to him. He looked just like Stephen Curtis Chapman so Tom told him that. The conversation continued to church, playing guitar, traveling, and on to flamingos. He gave us great directions to cut off about 30 minutes on our trip. Now we sat talking to him for about 20 I guess it saved us 10. But we didn't get a ticket.

We finally arrived in Atlanta. The tournament wasn't a success. We lost 3 games badly. The guys couldn't hit...and without hitting, a baseball team doesn't win. But we did get a t-shirt...or Chandler did anyway. You'll have to see all of the teams listed on the back of this shirt...amazing.

We had a great time and traveled home on Sunday. We have this week off and play in Southaven MS next weekend. We'll see how that tournament goes...until then...

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