Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Treasure Hunt

We tried our hand at Geo-caching. Pretty fun stuff. We chose 3 different treasures to search for & found 2 of them. We're determined to find the one we couldn't locate, but are wondering if it didn't wash away in the recent storms. The boys really enjoyed it & it was of course a competition.....one trying to find it before the other ones could. I thought it was like a great big egg hunt, only you don't know what the "egg" looks like, the size of it or what might be inside it. It was a blast.........I'm sure we'll do it again!
This treasure was hanging in the tree. See how tiny it was?

Celebrating the find!

Our first find!!
This one was really large!
We to remove a treasure from the box & replace with something you choose.

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Grammyof13 said...

How fun is that!! I heard Jeanette and her family do this all the time, and she gets excited telling me about it during lunch break. Keep me posted, I know you all enjoyed the family togetherness and outing. Love you mother of my boys!!!