Saturday, September 11, 2010


I'm sure anyone who is old enough to remember can exactly recall where they were on September 11, 2001. I was sitting in my living room & for some reason I had the news on. I sat stunned on my couch that such crazy evil could be happening in our country. I am sure I stared in dumbfounded unbelief that this was actually real. I remember immediately trying to reach Tom. I think he was working with a surgeon that day who's wife was actually in Manhattan at that time. The boys were 5 & almost 2 & were supposed to go to Mother's Day Out that Tuesday. I remember knowing that there was absolutely no way in the world I would take them to drop them off in the midst of such national chaos when no one knew if, when, or where the next horrific tragedy would occur.

There was such an overwhelming feeling that our security, peace, & lives had been ripped from us and in fact as I look back at all that has occurred, I can see that they really had. The few days following the attack are a blur, but I do remember just sitting in front of the television for days watching & watching & watching something that I will never forget. I was absolutely sick of watching but for some reason could not stop. I remember feeling such pain & sadness for those who were actually involved and such anger at the wickedness of the world. As much as the attacks affected us who were hundreds of miles away I'm sure do not compare in the least to those who were "directly" affected. I can't begin to imagine their pain & sufferings.

I know that our response as a country to these senseless acts resulted in a war on terror that will in all reality never end. We will continue to fight as we will continue to remember what was done to our country on that fateful day. Most Americans feel that this was a personal attack on them even though they were miles away from the actual site and in all actuality it was. The terrorists attacked our freedoms, our brothers, our homeland & that will never be forgotten. We might have sat stunned over the initial act but today we sit ready.

Our lives are forever changed, one trip via the airport is proof of that. Our security individually and as a whole has been compromised. Our country is different, & we are different. But in the end, we will stand as Americans....We the People....and In God we Trust....and we will never forget!

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