Thursday, June 17, 2010

Funeral of a Fallen Soldier

Clay....Clay....Clay...Recently one of Clay's toy soldiers was injured in battle and no surgery, tape or glue would help. I said just throw him have 100 more. But he's my favorite! I said well I bet you have 4 more exactly like him. So he went to his room and conducted a funeral of this fallen comrade. He needed to borrow my phone to document the event. Thought I'd share....
As you can see below all of the other soldiers are sitting at the funeral and one green beret even has his hanky ready for tears.

All of the soldiers listening to the funeral. Notice the tissue in their hands. Can you see the casket in the bottom? He's all wrapped in toilet paper.
The casket with a "RIP" message at the head of it.
I believe this is the helicopter view of the funeral.
I tell you Clay is the funniest, most imaginative kid. He keeps me laughing all the time. The funeral was successful....but I doubt this soldier is RIP...I'm thinking he's still in the bottom of the toy men bin because I doubt he made it to the trash.

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