Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year

We spent the week prior to the New Year at our cabin! We took along 2 friends of the boys to share the time. The weather was cold, foggy, and we did get a small amount of snow that quickly was gone. We played games, shot guns, went hiking, stayed up late, & slept late. It was a really relaxing week. We taught the boys how to play spoons & the game progressively became more aggressive as the week went on. It was fun to see the boys nose dive to get a spoon. We played other games, but spoons was the all time favorite. If you've ever played spoons, you know exactly why!
New Year's Eve was spent again playing games & at a little before mid-night we talked with the boys about 2009 their accomplishments & things they wish they had accomplished and then we discussed 2010 and what they hope to accomplish & see fulfilled in their lives. It was great to spend the time with such great young men and to see how blessed our lives are! We thanked God for all He had done & all He's going to do. It was an absolutely great way to ring in the new year!

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