Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chandler's Homerun in Omaha

I remembered that I had a video feature on my camera during this game and amazingly I actually caught Chandler's homerun on video. Thought I'd share. Of course this homerun is after the infamous double that he hit where he was rung up by the umpire. The story goes that the coach looked at the umpire before Chandler's previous at bat & said, this kid is going to hit a home run. He wasn't being a jerk or cocky, just stating that with this pitcher & batter that Chandler should hit. Well the umpire took it as cocky & when Chandler slid into 2nd called him out. Chandler knew he wasn't out so he just literally sat on 2nd base. Everyone was off the field except him & he just sat. The other coach, Jody, was walking across the field to him as Chandler was trying to talk to the umpire. Jody told me later, he had no clue what Chandler was about to say to the umpire. Needless Chandler was MAD! I can honestly say I've never seen him that mad during a baseball game. His next at bat...he hit the homerun. The umpire then realized that the other coach wasn't bragging and smiled & nodded. We had a great tournament in Omaha. The boys went 4-1. I think it was the best tournament they've played. This next weekend is state tournament. I hope we win it all!

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